Q.Where can I learn more about NPUSA?

Please visit the official NPUSA website where you will find further details regarding NPUSA, the products offered in the United States, and the business opportunity.

Q.Who do I contact about my order? Tracking, cancelation, opinions, etc.

Please contact NPUSA Customer Service through email ( or call us toll free at 1-800-378-0321. NPUSA Customer Service will be able to help you with all of your inquiries related to your order purchased through this site.

Q.If I join as a Preferred Customer, where do I upgrade to become an Affiliate?

Please log in to your back office from and select UPGRADE from the menu bar to upgrade to Affiliate to enjoy the rewarding compensation.

Q.Is Super Lutein made in Japan?

Super Lutein is manufactured at Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan surrounded by an environment with clean air and water with a beautiful view of Mt. Fuji. The ingredients comprising the formula are grown and cultivated all over the world and provided by our specially contracted partners worldwide.

Q.Where can I find information about other Naturally Plus markets?

Please visit our Naturally Plus Global website to find details regarding other global markets Naturally Plus products and opportunity is available in. Please remember, the NPUSA opportunity is a seamless opportunity where you can grow your business in over 150 countries and regions worldwide.

Q.I live outside of the United States. How do I purchase products in my country?

In order to purchase products outside of the United States, please contact NPUSA Customer Service. Please be sure to tell us whose website you saw that got you interested (The name of the Affiliate at the footer of the site).


Rowena Trim

Rowena Trim RN,BSN,MPH is a Public Health Nurse Consultant, and entrepreneur who lives in Las Vegas Nevada. She has many years of experience in the healthcare industry including 11 years in ICU and 25 years as Adjunct faculty teaching RN students. Her graduate degree is from the University of California Berkeley School of Public Health more than qualified her international experience where she served countries of Nairobi Kenya, Mexico, Jamaica West Indies and Costa Rica.